Ice Skating Engagement! Caitlin and Matt

Grand Rapids, MI
Rosa Parks Circle

Congratulations Caitlin and Matt! What a fun day for ice-skating in the city! It was actually beautiful, warm(er) for Michigan in February, and the sun was out. These two are so cool (not just because they were ice skating! Hee hee). Their warm personalities make you feel like you've been friends for years. I instantly connected with these two. Smiles, jokes, a little insecurity about skating and falling on your arse (Caitlin)... I am so excited for this couple and can't wait for the wedding! They are having their reception at McKay Tower, which is reflected in the buildings in some of these shots. Pretty cool.

(They never fell on their arses, but other people did. They're in the background in some of these... Thought it was funny since it's the Olympics and everyone cringes on the edge of their seats waiting for people to fall. You know you do.)

Caitlin and Matt met at her cousin's wedding. Matt actually crashed it- well, kind of. The best man asked him to go. But Caitlin says he crashed it. They were together for two years when Matt proposed. There was a love note on the bed, and when Caitlin turned around, he was on his knee. He always tries to surprise her, and it never works, so this time he didn't plan anything and just did it. He wanted to propose on the blue bridge and got shot down for lack of originality. Ha!

Well, just look at these two! I am genuinely so, so happy for them. My heart gets bigger knowing people like these guys...

Millenium Park Engagement- Barbara and Haddy

Grand Rapids, MI
Millenium Park

Congratulations to Barbara and Haddy!  They met at work, and have been together for about three years. Haddy proposed while they were on vacation in Florida, at sunset, over the Martin Luther King holiday. 

This engagement session was beautiful and easy, with that magical golden light at sunset. The photo album that Barbara made of their journey together was beautiful and a surprise for Haddy. I loved that they were so lively with their dips and twirls and such! I do not ask people to pick up other people, they just did these things! It was very entertaining. What a beautiful couple, right?

The couple is from the west side of the state, with ties to GR. The wedding will be in Detroit so stay tuned!  I am so excited for June 30, 2018! 

Enjoy the preview:


Amway Grand Plaza
McKay Tower
Fountain Street Church
Grand Rapids, MI

Congratulations Christina and Rodney! What a cute couple they are! So, so sweet on each other. They met as freshmen at Western Michigan University, at a party. They had a lunch date in one of the dorms, and stayed together for eight years. The ups and downs that everyone faces as a couple only made them that much stronger. They moved to Atlanta in 2015. Big city livin' and sunshine! Getting acclimated to a new city without their friends and family was challenging, but they have always been better together and saw it through.

Rodney proposed on Friday the 13th (spooky). They were with both families at their favorite restaurant, Martel's. She had no idea what was coming. They were waiting on Rodney's brother to show up, and Rodney was so anxious and nervous that as soon as he did, he popped up and proposed right away.

They had a theme at McKay - a mix of Great Gatsby, prohibition, etc. (due to their love for expanding their wine and bourbon knowledge). It was truly beautiful. I knew as soon as I entered the guys room at the beginning of the day that I would be laughing for the rest of it. This was a great group of people.

I'm very honored to document Christina and Rodney's story. Enjoy the preview!