Amway Grand Plaza
McKay Tower
Fountain Street Church
Grand Rapids, MI

Congratulations Christina and Rodney! What a cute couple they are! So, so sweet on each other. They met as freshmen at Western Michigan University, at a party. They had a lunch date in one of the dorms, and stayed together for eight years. The ups and downs that everyone faces as a couple only made them that much stronger. They moved to Atlanta in 2015. Big city livin' and sunshine! Getting acclimated to a new city without their friends and family was challenging, but they have always been better together and saw it through.

Rodney proposed on Friday the 13th (spooky). They were with both families at their favorite restaurant, Martel's. She had no idea what was coming. They were waiting on Rodney's brother to show up, and Rodney was so anxious and nervous that as soon as he did, he popped up and proposed right away.

They had a theme at McKay - a mix of Great Gatsby, prohibition, etc. (due to their love for expanding their wine and bourbon knowledge). It was truly beautiful. I knew as soon as I entered the guys room at the beginning of the day that I would be laughing for the rest of it. This was a great group of people.

I'm very honored to document Christina and Rodney's story. Enjoy the preview!

Marquette MI Wedding, Allison and Brad

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Deters!! Allison and Brad just make sense. You can tell this from your first encounter with both of them. They are goofy, funny, laid-back, warm, and always full of laughter!! Their story is so cute. They met online and on their first date, in Grand Rapids, Brad forgot/lost his keys. Allison ended driving him to Holland, probably laughing hysterically the whole way.  That laugh!! It's so awesome. I just wait for Brad to start talking and concentrate on her face for the reaction. Best photo models ever.

In case you missed their engagement session, you may view it here:

After their engagement session, Allison asked me if I would travel to Marquette for the wedding. I was so excited to photograph them again I shrieked like a little girl. These two are just loads of fun!! I just want to be around them.

The big day was at The Landing, in downtown Marquette. After the ceremony, the ENTIRE group of guests and bridal party hopped on the party bus for some UP scenery and photo stops. So fun! The smaller group made the day more intimate and everyone got to know one another well. I could have photographed them all day with the gorgeous Lake Superior in the background, but we had a Batman cake to cut, you know. Yes, that cake had two sides.  As Allison put it, "I may have a nice gown, this may be an elegant affair, but we have to keep a little of the goofy and crazy." Well said.

Thank you both so much for sharing your story with me!

Enjoy this little preview of the day: