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Christmas !

Livonia, MI

I don't always post the Bozaan Family because there are soooo many photos that it's kind of overwhelming for me, but I had to post this year's Christmas faces.

I will have to post my fav Christmas photos of the past few years. Maybe next year. I was thinking this as I was hanging them all on my gallery wall for the holidays. Man, these kids grow up so fast!

Millenium Park Engagement- Barbara and Haddy

Grand Rapids, MI
Millenium Park

Congratulations to Barbara and Haddy!  They met at work, and have been together for about three years. Haddy proposed while they were on vacation in Florida, at sunset, over the Martin Luther King holiday. 

This engagement session was beautiful and easy, with that magical golden light at sunset. The photo album that Barbara made of their journey together was beautiful and a surprise for Haddy. I loved that they were so lively with their dips and twirls and such! I do not ask people to pick up other people, they just did these things! It was very entertaining. What a beautiful couple, right?

The couple is from the west side of the state, with ties to GR. The wedding will be in Detroit so stay tuned!  I am so excited for June 30, 2018! 

Enjoy the preview: