Cozy Casual at Home - Bianka and Beth

Ann Arbor, MI

Congratulations Bianka and Beth! These ladies have been beside each other for 19 plus years! They met through work, as their professions collided, putting them on their path together.

This was a cozy casual engagement session at home with the pups, which Bianka and Beth are loving rescuers. What an adorable little family. The doggies were leery of this photographer just as much as the ladies were at first, but I believe I won all of them over. They were the type that explains to me in the beginning that they hate getting pictures taken. (I'm used to it). That is exactly the reason for a photojournalistic style. Documenting the awesomeness that they don't even know they are doing...  

It was so great to see these ladies laughing and focusing on their story.  It was empowering. Love always is, though, right? Sometimes, this job makes my heart swell. 

We had so many laughs, that I was still smiling for days afterward. Anyone that knows these two knows what I mean. Sweet, kind, funny, and so down-to-earth.

Their story stays with me and I am even more excited to photograph their wedding in June!  

Here is a little preview of our Sunday Funday: