Congratulations Lisa and Jeff!  What a beautiful day in downtown Grand Rapids! This was such an elegant and laid back celebration! Lisa and Jeff met at a construction management class. They were together for two and a half years before Jeff and the kiddos proposed. They bought land for their new house and while taking the kids there to check things out, they all got on their knees and asked, "Will You Marry Us?"

My favorite parts about their day... Definitely the humorous poses that both Jeff and Lisa would surprise me with, making me laugh the whole day. Jeff's face when they entered the reception to celebrate with their nearest and dearest was hysterical.  I loved the closeness of the families. It was a mish mash of little girls with grandmas and grandpas, uncles, aunts... I LOVED that they somehow got The Killer Flamingos to play! How cool was that?! That was a blast from my past, on the east side. I also was bent over laughing at the uncles dancing. The couple at the end of this preview... Their faces! Fearlessly gettin' down! It was hilarious.

Since I gotta give it to amazing women entrepreneurs, please make sure you check out Lisa's shop, for creative fashion and jewelry finds! 

Best wishes to your wonderful new family! Thank you so much for choosing me to document your story. 
Enjoy the preview:


Amway Grand Plaza
McKay Tower
Fountain Street Church
Grand Rapids, MI

Congratulations Christina and Rodney! What a cute couple they are! So, so sweet on each other. They met as freshmen at Western Michigan University, at a party. They had a lunch date in one of the dorms, and stayed together for eight years. The ups and downs that everyone faces as a couple only made them that much stronger. They moved to Atlanta in 2015. Big city livin' and sunshine! Getting acclimated to a new city without their friends and family was challenging, but they have always been better together and saw it through.

Rodney proposed on Friday the 13th (spooky). They were with both families at their favorite restaurant, Martel's. She had no idea what was coming. They were waiting on Rodney's brother to show up, and Rodney was so anxious and nervous that as soon as he did, he popped up and proposed right away.

They had a theme at McKay - a mix of Great Gatsby, prohibition, etc. (due to their love for expanding their wine and bourbon knowledge). It was truly beautiful. I knew as soon as I entered the guys room at the beginning of the day that I would be laughing for the rest of it. This was a great group of people.

I'm very honored to document Christina and Rodney's story. Enjoy the preview!