Tree House Zoo Wedding-Kara and Coleman

Grand Rapids, MIBissell Tree House John Ball Zoo

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Baar!!! Coleman &  Kara met at a Memorial Day party, which Kara was hosting at her Chicago apartment. They met through mutual friends. His fraternity brother Rich (who was their officiant) is married to Kara's college friend Krysten (who was a bridesmaid). At the time, they were engaged and planning to go watch a band they were considering for their wedding after making an appearance at the party. Coleman went to watch the band and then insisted that the three of them return to the party because he wanted to spend more time with Kara.

They ended up spending the remainder of the weekend together & every weekend after that... Coleman lived in Michigan and Kara was in Chicago,  so they did the long distance thing for about nine months before deciding to buy a home together in Grand Rapids. They spent their first anniversary moving into that first house.

The second anniversary was at Cedar Point and that is where Coleman proposed!!  They planned the wedding day to take place on their third anniversary. Needless to say Memorial Day Weekend is a significant weekend for these two because of all of these important relationship events occurring in May.

Coleman & Kara have a dog named Eileen and a Juliana pig named Ramon! Yep! (Lots of pig jokes at the reception). Ha! They started a small business together and have gone on a few vacations.

Their big day was soooooo fun, laid back, and upbeat!! They really are a cool couple. I had a blast! I was so impressed with the dancing! I mean, Kara and Coleman did an awesome upbeat number, but the guests were doing swing dances and all sorts of other numbers too! Props to everyone on that. It was a great celebration. Thank you so much for choosing me to capture the big day! Enjoy the preview: