Gaslight Village -Hahyoon and Andrew

Congratulations Hahyoon and Andrew!
Grand Rapids, MI
Engagement Session

Hahyoon and Andrew, the cutest couple, have been together for about four years. They met through church and school-both Purdue grads. While Hahyoon was grabbing coffee for this session, Andrew told me that SHE told him she liked him while surrounded by friends at a party.
Cute, right?

Andrew surprised her at home with the proposal. He wasn't supposed to be there that night. It was very intimate and private, with string cheese and a bottle of wine. 

These two have lived and traveled all over, and I'm grateful that they ended up in Michigan. This wedding is going to be AMAZING! A wedding at the GRAM, downtown Grand Rapids. I cannot wait! Stay tuned.

We finally had warm weather, after months of cold and gray, so we were eager to get out and about. We stumbled into "Cute Things" on the sidewalk. It was like a sign or something. (Hee hee). I absolutely love the bus stop images. It's like a peek into their loving world, with lots of laughter. Enjoy the preview of their engagement session: