Metal Prints!

Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer-- Lisa Shaw- The Bigger Picture Photography  

I am sharing one of the phases I am in right now-- metal prints. I know, the pictures don't do the actual metal much justice, but trust me- these products are sooooooo cool!! They look great by a window, where the light can bounce off of it. The metal causes the lightness of the reflection to change as you move around it.

Most people wouldn't think of ordering this product. It has become one of my favorites, especially if your decor at home is a bit more modern, or you want a nice contrast to the shabby chic... Photos don't always have to be a canvas when on display. Ask me for more ideas!!

"If I asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse." -- Henry Ford I read that quote today and instantly wished I could do in-person sales! It is a dying idea in this industry. That is too bad. Metal Rocks!