Affordable Wedding Dresses For a Great Cause!

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Hey all!! I just received a note from one of my brides, Chelsea (wedding in Sept 2014-stay tuned!), about this amazing shoppe! This is awesome. Rejoice Retail Shoppe, in Ohio, was given thousands of brand new sample wedding dresses. ALL proceeds go to people in the community who are struggling and need help.

How amazing is that? Also! The dresses are 50%-80% off the sample sale price!! Whaaaat?!!! Chelsea's dress was originally $2,000 and she paid $450 for it. Whoa.

(You know what you could do with all that extra wedding money you're saving? Invest in photography and beautiful memories of your big day! Just sayin'. You know I had to do it.)

"The women who own and run the store are absolute angels," said Chelsea. Sounds like it. That is truly a beautiful thing to do for their community.

I will be posting Chelsea's photos next year, so stay tuned to check out that dress!!

Rejoice Retail Shoppe

315 Main Street

Delta, OH 43515


Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer
Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer