Ice Skating Engagement! Caitlin and Matt

Grand Rapids, MI
Rosa Parks Circle

Congratulations Caitlin and Matt! What a fun day for ice-skating in the city! It was actually beautiful, warm(er) for Michigan in February, and the sun was out. These two are so cool (not just because they were ice skating! Hee hee). Their warm personalities make you feel like you've been friends for years. I instantly connected with these two. Smiles, jokes, a little insecurity about skating and falling on your arse (Caitlin)... I am so excited for this couple and can't wait for the wedding! They are having their reception at McKay Tower, which is reflected in the buildings in some of these shots. Pretty cool.

(They never fell on their arses, but other people did. They're in the background in some of these... Thought it was funny since it's the Olympics and everyone cringes on the edge of their seats waiting for people to fall. You know you do.)

Caitlin and Matt met at her cousin's wedding. Matt actually crashed it- well, kind of. The best man asked him to go. But Caitlin says he crashed it. They were together for two years when Matt proposed. There was a love note on the bed, and when Caitlin turned around, he was on his knee. He always tries to surprise her, and it never works, so this time he didn't plan anything and just did it. He wanted to propose on the blue bridge and got shot down for lack of originality. Ha!

Well, just look at these two! I am genuinely so, so happy for them. My heart gets bigger knowing people like these guys...

Grass Lake Farm Wedding- Tori and Michael

Grass Lake, MI

Farm Wedding

Congratulations to Tori and Michael! What a beautiful day!

They met through a mutual friend, one that Tori had been friends with since high school and Mike was in a band with. They were invited one Memorial Day a few years back to celebrate with fireworks and the town. They ended up spending every weekend hanging out with these friends in the band. Then, Tori and Mike's relationship turned romantic a few months later and they slapped a label on it after a month of dating.

The proposal was pretty amazing. They were able to get tickets to see Erick Baker, an artist they love who sings their song, "Unbroken Promise". Mike contacted Erick and told him they were traveling to the show, and that he planned on proposing. Erick was happy to help. He saved their song for last and dedicated it to them. Tori was already floored by this, but then he turned to Mike and asked "Do you have something you want to ask?" Mike stood up, then knelt down. Perfect. Erick's wife recorded it for them too. 

I loved that the getting ready part was fun and I felt like I was with friends and family, talking about girly stuff and laughing. Tori has this laugh that is infectious. She throws her head back, mouth open wide, and laughs with her whole upper half. I love it. Mike is just as sweet as sweet can be. I loved that Tori's son walked her down the aisle. I loved the that Tori crocheted her bouquet and the boutonniere. I loved that grandma got on the swing and looked like a five year old girl. I loved that the day was intimate and free. I loved this wedding.

The farm was amazing and gorgeous! It belongs to a friend and was just perfect. (I was amazed that no one got whacked by the falling walnuts-especially me. But hey- just a perfect day).

These guys were so fun, laid-back, and just happy!! They are a beautiful family of five and I wish them many more adventures to come. 

Enjoy the preview!

Spring Grove Park and Sunnybrook Country Club- Kristyn and Adam

Spring Grove Park, Grandville, MI
Sunnybrook Country Club, Grandville, MI


Congrats to KRISTYN AND ADAM! These two met trhough a mutual friend while working at Meijer. On their first date, Adam went over to Kristyn's and made her favorite meal, shrimp scampi, but left the shells on which made them both laugh. They have been laughing together for five and a half years. 
Adam proposed on their anniversary at his sister's house. He handmade a T-shirt for his nephew to wear, saying "Will you be my aunt?" When Kristyn turned around, Adam was on his knee.

In case you missed their adorable engagement session at Riverside Park in Grand Rapids, you can check it out here:

My favorite part of their day was when the sun made the perfect appearance at the perfect spot for their ceremony. It felt like the sun was washing them in warmth and good wishes. It looked amazing, sun flare streaming as they were at the altar.

I'm so happy for these two! Best wishes for your new adventures! Go Packers! Enjoy your preview: