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Dexter, MI

Congratulations to Katie and Brendan!! What a gorgeous celebration of their story! 

Brendan and Katie met eight years ago in Boston through a mutual friend, and started seeing each other at all the concerts and sporting events they both liked.  He decided to take a trip to Germany to visit his family in July 2012, and invited Katie to go along, and they have been together ever since. So, technically, their first date was a two and a half week European vacation!  They went to Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Bratislava, Salzburg, Munich, and Zurich on that first trip. 

He proposed in Germany, overlooking Neuschwanstein castle. Sounds like a fairy tale to me...

In case you missed their beautiful fall engagement session, you can view it here:

So, the best thing about the wedding day--- ALL of the crazy things that went WRONG!! We Italians believe in signs and that many "unfortunate" things, like rain, which there was a lot of that day, is actually good luck. So, as all of these things kept happening, we just kept saying how much luck this marriage was now blessed with!! Things like... the officiant having a heart attack (rest in peace) and not having a back up, trouble booking and saving hotel rooms, trouble with the dress and seamstress, the hotel where family and guests were staying flooding, the best man missing his flight, a hole in a bridesmaid dress, the rain, the florists not getting the order correct, the photographer getting stung by a wasp (Yea-- I was inside too! That was an Urgent Care trip the next day with two weeks of medication and shots), and it went on...

But these two kept "the bigger picture" in front of them all day and they were just so happy and cheerful. They way they lit up when they looked at each other was really something to see. I am so, so happy for my dear old friend and her hubby.

Thank you again for choosing me to document your story. Special thanks to Caedy Convis for being the amazing second shooter that she is!! 
Here is a preview of the day...