Kozlowicz Family Session

Grand Rapids, MI Monday evening, hanging out with the Kozlowicz  Family, was a wonderful start to the week! Documenting these four (six, if you include the two doggies, who were very curious about this photographer), had me chuckling most of the time. Liz is our librarian over in Caledonia, so, naturally, we had to get in our reading time! I am in    Kiwanis Club (a charity organization for kids) with this funny lady, and I was so excited to meet the family that I've heard so much about!

I entered as Sam, four years old, was eating, and was very proud of himself for eating that much. Ellie, nine months, was just staring me down and pondering about life.  I followed them around the house, documenting Kozlowicz  life. They were just doing what they do, and then- we heard a raucous back in the kitchen... The dogs had gotten up and ate the rest of the sausage that was on the table. Both dogs were short and squat, so you can imagine the ordeal they had to go through to do this. It was great.

The laughter carried over into the family room, where this family spends most of their time. The couch had become the setting for all music playing, dancing, reading, funny voices, and laughter. It was nice to peek into the life of this adorable family. Thanks for letting me capture your story!

Enjoy the preview!