Comerica Park- Kristen and Suzanne

Comerica Park, Detroit MI  

Congratulations to Kristen and Suzanne! These two were married in May in Chicago, after about twenty years of being together! I love the fact that they had planned on spending that weekend just the two of them and their family and friends said, "No way, we're coming too." It was a great group of people for the reception as well. It was a fun and laid-back event at the Tiger Club. We were fortunate to get the insider tour of Comerica Park. So cool!! We went into the dugouts, the visitor's locker room, the press box, among other "insider spots".  It was really something. My favorite part was walking out of the "tunnel" to the field. What an amazing experience. Go Tigers!

Thank you for sharing your story with me! I wish you many more years of happiness together.

Here is a little preview of the festivities: