Loft 310 Rooftop Kalamazoo Wedding

Kalamazoo, MI
Loft 310

Congratulations Marci and Tony!! I am so happy for these two beautiful souls! From Marci’s first phone call with me, I was strangely drawn to her. Her positive and bubbly personality quickly drew me in, and plus, I always have heartstrings for entrepreneurs so I was giddy to work with her right away. What she has done is truly remarkable. This lady is a warrior. I knew that the whole reception was filled with people who saw this too. The love for both of them was palpable.

Tony and Marci met about a decade ago through work. Tony fell in love with her right then and there. Life happened, and Marci and Tony had their own separate journeys, in different states with different lives, for years. As the universe would have it though, love won and brought these two back together. It has been deemed a “When Harry Met Sally” type of story. Tony said he never stopped loving her and she was always on his mind.

Tony proposed while they were at a Tony Robbins convention (love it!) in Las Vegas. You know the huge LOVE sign? Marci was standing in the O, and Tony got down on one knee in front of a sea of people. I saw the video. It was amazing.

I am so honored that I got to document their story! Please enjoy the preview!