Personal Brand Photography - ZUMBA

Grand Rapids, MI
Parks and Rec
Endurance Fitness

Zumba with Amy and Bri !! I have been a regular with these two for years! I can't explain how beneficial their Zumba classes are-- in finding your strength and confidence, believing in yourself, ensuring a positive body image, making social connections, belonging to a community of awesome women, and, of course, staying healthy and active!! Who ACTUALLY loves to work out?! We do!! It's a dance party. Not your normal workout. 

They are some of the greatest women empowering women that I am privileged to know. Just positive vibes radiating all the time.  For real. All. The. Time. 

As Zumba instructors, they energize, encourage, and motivate. It is a powerful purpose to continue to elevate the way women see themselves. That is a meaningful life. 

They are both licensed to teach fitness classes and have over 14 years of experience combined. Make sure to check out Strong by Zumba and yoga offerings as well.

Check out @zumbawithamyandbri on Facebook.
Tuesdays, at 6:30pm, and Wednesdays, at 5:30pm,  at Endurance Fitness.
Also, check out @GRParksandRec for even more!
Mondays - Zumba 5:30pm, yoga 6:30pm - Garfield gym
Wednesdays- STRONG by Zumba - 6:30pm - Market Studio
Thursdays - Zumba 6:30pm -Market Studio

This is just one part of their personal brand photography session (for businesses and entrepreneurs to grow business with specialized marketing through photography). There were free classes this summer at Rosa Parks Circle on Mondays, provided by Grand Rapids Parks and Rec.  Here's a little preview: