Christmas Photos in Grand Rapids!

Outside Coffee Company
Grand Rapids, MI

What a fun Christmas session with the adorable Kwaiser family!! We went downtown to the Outside Coffee Company, with igloos and warm treats, and then headed home to make cookies. The documentary cookie-making will be such a treasure for Ruby when she grows up. Who wouldn’t want those photos with your parents? The funnies, the mess.. Christmas memories at its best. How cute are these guys?

Ruby wins for the best photo of anticipation for Christmas. She was clapping and singing with us on the street with the lights all around her. Such pure childhood joy and innocence.
Let your heart be light!
Merry Christmas!!

Christmas !

Livonia, MI

I don't always post the Bozaan Family because there are soooo many photos that it's kind of overwhelming for me, but I had to post this year's Christmas faces.

I will have to post my fav Christmas photos of the past few years. Maybe next year. I was thinking this as I was hanging them all on my gallery wall for the holidays. Man, these kids grow up so fast!