Blodgett Barn Wedding

Schoolcraft, MI
Blodgett Barn

Congratulations Jessica and Eric! These two met five years ago, when Jessica was the new girl to an all male department at work. Eric was hopping between shifts when their paths crossed. She mentioned how nice it would be to grab breakfast after getting out at 6:30 am, but didn’t have any friends who would be awake at that time. Eric managed to hear this and they exchanged numbers, and the following morning, she forced him out of bed at 6:30 am to grab breakfast at Crow’s Nest in Kalamazoo. From that point on they were pretty content with spending all of their time together. Being on separate shifts, she would call Eric every morning, and he would reluctantly wake up to grab breakfast.

Eric proposed a few years later on a backpacking trip on North Manitou Island. On the ferry to get to the island, a storm was slowly rolling in. They made a plan to set up camp at the first good site they could find, just as it started to rain. The mosquitoes were AWFUL without the wind blowing off the lake, and they spent the better part of the night dousing themselves selves in bug spray, although they managed to eat dinner on the beach in between the rain showers. The rain started to pick up in the middle of the night, with the loudest thunder ever, along with a slow leak in the tent. The following morning they watched the sun rise, and hiked out. The mosquitoes were still persistent, but they had fun joking and hiking along, given the lack of sleep the night before. They set up camp on the highest dune they could find with nice tree cover, overlooking Lake Michigan. They walked down to the beach and spent some time watching boats out on the water, and marveled at how drastically the weather had changed from the night before. It was at this point that Eric got down on one knee…

They are backpacking around New Zealand for their honeymoon!! Amazing, right?

In case you missed their adorable engagement session at Townsend Park, you can check it out here:

Enjoy the preview of their big day!!
Thank you to the fabulous and talented Emily Betcher for second shooting with me! We had so much fun!



Congratulations Lisa and Jeff!  What a beautiful day in downtown Grand Rapids! This was such an elegant and laid back celebration! Lisa and Jeff met at a construction management class. They were together for two and a half years before Jeff and the kiddos proposed. They bought land for their new house and while taking the kids there to check things out, they all got on their knees and asked, "Will You Marry Us?"

My favorite parts about their day... Definitely the humorous poses that both Jeff and Lisa would surprise me with, making me laugh the whole day. Jeff's face when they entered the reception to celebrate with their nearest and dearest was hysterical.  I loved the closeness of the families. It was a mish mash of little girls with grandmas and grandpas, uncles, aunts... I LOVED that they somehow got The Killer Flamingos to play! How cool was that?! That was a blast from my past, on the east side. I also was bent over laughing at the uncles dancing. The couple at the end of this preview... Their faces! Fearlessly gettin' down! It was hilarious.

Since I gotta give it to amazing women entrepreneurs, please make sure you check out Lisa's shop, for creative fashion and jewelry finds! 

Best wishes to your wonderful new family! Thank you so much for choosing me to document your story. 
Enjoy the preview:

Riverside Receptions- Chelsea and Andrew

Riverside Receptions Etc., LLC
Centreville, MI

Congratulations Chelsea and Andrew!! What a gorgeous celebration by the river! What a venue too! This place is amazing--- and it's all together in one spot!

Clesea and Andrew met while working together at Old Burdicks in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Both were attending Western Michigan University.  After a while apart from each other, they became friends, and their first concert was Coheed and Cambria at Pierre’s in Fort Wayne.  Their first dance is actually to one of their songs. In 2015, the couple moved to Austin, Texas and have recently relocated again to Stillwater, OK.

They were engaged at the Cliffs of Mohr, in Ireland, on May 2, 2016, during the middle of a two week European adventure. Due to its location, the weather at the Cliffs is normally very cold, rainy, and windy, but on that day , the sun was shining. However, it started pouring about 15 minutes after the proposal. It was perfect.

This day was absolutely gorgeous! A special thank you to Elyse, the wonderful wedding planner from Posh Petals!

I love working with Caedy Convis, my second photographer!! She is brilliant, fun, talented, and a beautiful person. Thank you, Caedy, for the great photos and always supporting me during my crazy wedding seasons!

Enjoy the preview: