Zick Family Day in the Life

Here is one of the winners from the "Spread the Love" contest that I ran a while back! If you would like opportunities like this, please sign up for my newsletter:
The deal was to nominate an angel on earth, tell me why they make the world a better place, and both the angel and the person who nominated the angel got FREE Day in the Life sessions with me. This is documentary style only. Just real life. Messy people, messy house, beautiful life.

So Maggie nominated her friend, Kourtney, who truly does so much for others, and was hands down the winner. Such great ladies, growing the good. Kourtney's story and her session will be coming up soon, so stay tuned. I was thrilled they won, because the Zick family is one of my favs! I have documented their adventures since Maggie and Dave's wedding!! 

In case you missed some of the other sessions.... 

Man, I love these guys. This Day in the Life session was just a casual Sunday Funday at home. 
Thank you, Zick Family!
Here's the preview:

DAY IN THE LIFE- Sample Collection

Family Documentary Story-Telling
"A Day in the Life" sessions

This is a sampling throughout the years. These shots are from different times, different seasons, but they're just to give you an idea of what you can expect from family documentary-style sessions. 

I cannot stress enough how significant documentary photography is and why it is taking over. 
A smiling face from your IPhone will not convey the same things as real life documentation from a professional. First of all, you will be included in the photographs. Second... remember his favorite stuffed animal that he couldn't sleep without? Remember the old house? Look at that face! He would crinkle his nose like that for years. He would cry when his sister would cry...  Or, remember when mom would sing that same song when she put on her make-up? That is all a part of it. Invest in your history.

When I was in school, we weren't allowed to pose anything. Most people nowadays still want the "smiling faces shot", and that's fine. You should have some of those every now and then. But there's so much more in the world of photography. It's my job to educate, to show people what is available that they just may not be aware of. They want the social media craze of what "family" is supposed to look like. I can still  hear my instructor talking about the "smiling faces shot"... "That tells me nothing. Nothing about them. All it shows is how they looked at that time." Documentary photography portrays connections, bonds, how we relate to each other. It can convey such powerful messages- how hard parenthood is, childlike outlooks on life, and love- the kind when nothing else in the world really matters. It is your history. It proves your life had meaning. You loved and were loved. It pulls you back into what life was actually like in the chaos of it all. So beautiful. 

Get the laundry in there too. This is what your life looked like while you had three toddlers running around. It was messy, and loud. And wonderful. Someday, you are going to reminisce. Your kids will as well. This investment isn't just for you.

I've had too many people ask if I had something-anything more of so and so, could I look again... Always needing as much as they possibly could hold onto of a loved one who passed. I had a daughter ask for photos of her mom, when sadly, mom had done what way too many moms do and decided she only wanted photos of the kids. She hated getting her picture taken. That always breaks my heart.

It is an investment.
Just taking the time to do a session every year or two, will be an investment that you will never regret. We keep putting things off, but they grow so fast. Our parents are getting older. There will be so many changes that happen so fast! You will never have this time again and you will miss the opportunity. We may regret purchasing certain material things, but no one EVER regrets investing in their memories, their life, their loves.

When asked what people would grab in a fire, the most common answer is the family photos. So, if we value photography... Why are we not valuing photography?

It should be a priority.

To see one documentary family session, please check out this link:

So, let's do this! Documenting your real life. No posing. Eeeeessshk!! It will be great. 

Note: Please read the comment when you get to Maria underneath the table. Make sure you keep scrolling down to see the rest!

Day in the Life- Lohrer

Grand Rapids, MI
A Day in the Life- documentary family sessions

Your real life documented. Thank you to these troopers for letting me capture their world for a small amount of time! Bedtime!! 

This session had no posing, no direction. I absolutely adore these photos, showing just how fun these parents are with their kiddos at the end of the day. 

They have recently moved, so these memories will be key in recalling the love and times shared at this home at this point of their lives.

The chaos, the laughter, the natural family life.