Townsend Park Engaged- Jessica and Eric


Congratulations Jessica and Eric! These two were troopers, with a location switch as we were all driving! Michigan- the weather isn't the only roller coaster we deal with here. They were so great about it and just rolled with the punches. That's a good quality in a couple. 

They met at work, starting out as friends, which lead into more... and have been together for four years. They were on a backpacking trip for the first time and it was storming. The next morning, the sun was shining and they walked down to the beach, where Eric proposed. It was very meaningful, coming out of the storm into the sunlight... 

The woods were really important to them in this shoot (probably because they are the bad-ass backpacking kind), so I'm glad we were able to get all of these photo opportunities at this park. 

The big day is September 15, so stay tuned! These guys are going to be so fun!

Marquette, MI Wedding- Jess and Kayla

Congratulations Jess and Kayla!! What an amazing day for these two lovely ladies!  Jess and Kayla met in school and were friends for quite a while before Kayla asked Jess for a date. They were at the ore dock, in Marquette, by the water when two beavers swam up, whacked their tails, and splashed them. I find it funny and like to think that those animals were saying, "You crazy kids, just get together already!"

In case you missed their engagement session, you can find it here:

Jess actually popped the question to Kayla a while later, over sandwiches and champagne, again on the water.  Then came a trip to Chicago to get their marriage license. The celebration, however, was held at the beach in Marquette, MI!  Their beachy affair was THE most laid-back event that I have ever had the pleasure to photograph. I am in love with Michigan's upper peninsula. We couldn't get to "their spot"  by the ore dock on the big day, due to a fair going on that day, so I designed some special shots for them from images throughout the trip as a little surprise...

Jess and Kayla are so warm and friendly. It was a great group of people taking it all in. This was also the first time anyone asked to take pictures with me! Ha!! Their friends and family were crackin' me up. Such good times. So beautiful...

Enjoy the preview of their big day: