Documentary Family Photo - Skating, Tap, Laundry time, Bday party

A Day in the Life. Documentary family photography Michigan. Natural and Candid.

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Grandparents Visit- Family session

Grand Rapids, MI
Family Photography

Thank you to Karri, Brett, and Smith for choosing me to continue documenting your story! I'm so happy that I got to capture grandma and grandpa, while they were visiting from Australia over the holidays. 

If you missed the Smith's newborn session, you can check it out here:

I love the warmth of this family, as well as their Aussie dialect, but I absolutley LOVE the faces grown-ups make at babies. I think I will have to do a book just on that-- just their faces alone. It makes you laugh. Bring some silliness to adulting too... It's a good idea. 

Thank you so much for sharing your holiday family time!

40% off- A Day in the Life Sessions!

Grand Rapids, MI

What is the difference between a family portrait session and "A Day in the Life" session?


I know, that scares most people. A documentary style of their home, kids, the chaos?? It sounds scary. But, really?! Not at all. Don't you WANT to remember this point and time? Don't you WANT to remember what it was like? Don't you want to remember your kid's favorite stuffed animal, that he couldn't go to sleep without it? How he made you read him the same book every night? How he crawled in your lap when you did? The rituals you had at bedtime-  brushing the teeth, singing in the bath, etc. The way he crinkled his nose every time he got in the water? Each little personality brings so many things with it. Don't you want to remember the tiny things that are so big?

Documentary photography is the new family session. It shows you so much more than a smiling face at the camera. It shows REAL life! Real personalities and idiosyncrasies. Real love. This is also an investment for your kiddos. They will want this in the years to come, believe me.

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The session has to be at your home, in Grand Rapids. Travel fees would apply outside the GR area.
The session must be between January and March, 2018.

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Give the gift of beautiful memories!! Gift certificates available!!

Happy Holidays everyone!