Senior Portraits Allen Park- Libby

Allen Park, MI

Congratulations Libby!! This gorgeous gal is my family! She is actually coming out to my neck of the woods in August to attend Grand Valley and I couldn’t be happier to celebrate with her, or feed her when she gets sick of Ramen noodles. She plans on going into nursing, and I know she will be amazing and that is a perfect path for her.

We are so proud of you, Libby. This year she had to have some serious strength and determination for overcoming surgeries and getting back on her feet. She is just as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside.
Love you Libby!

Some of these locations are sentimental and meaningful, and I love that we got to include them into her portraits. These are just a few favorites of mine from our session:

Violin Senior Session, Caledonia, MI

Congratulations, Bryan! What a cool fella this one is. I loved that he wanted to incorporate his passion into this session. So much of who we are at any given time lies in our hobbies, interests, and passions. To document them, gives insight into who we are, and the happiness within us. They make fabulous memories to look back on. 
Good luck next year! Keep playing.
Enjoy the preview!

Senior Portrait Session- Sarah

Grand Rapids, MI

Yeah, Sarah!!! This lady was so, so cool. I mean, the most laid back cool you would ever want to know... She is going to do amazing things. I know it. 

We trucked around Millenium Park at golden sunset hour. I just couldn't get enough of her smiles.

Did you see her sister's senior session? What a cool family. You can check out Megan's session here:

Thank you so much for letting me capture this moment in your life! Enjoy the preview...